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Traditional Biscochitos

Bevs Biscochitos the place to get NMs State Cookie!
Bevs Biscochitos the place to get NMs State Cookie!

Bev’s Biscochitos is a family owned and operated company out of Albuquerque New Mexico. We strives to provide distinctively delicious biscochitos that melt in your mouth. Some spell it bizcochito we use the traditional spelling biscochito. The Biscochito is part of New Mexico history.    As a matter of fact, New Mexico’s traditional cookies of past generations are alive and well here at Bev’s.    Not to mention, one of Bev’s Biscochitos goal is to pride in providing biscochitos throughout the entire year.  Bev’s offers Traditional Anise Biscochitos and Bev’s Signature Biscochitos. Traditional Anise biscochitos are made with New Mexico Anise supporting our local growers. Bev’s Signature Biscochitos are unique to Bev’s Biscochitos with our own special recipe. Bev’s can provide this delicious unique sweet cinnamon cookie throughout  New Mexico. Of course, we ship throughout the United States, we ship anywhere. You can buy online here. Bev’s Biscochitos are also for sale at a store we partner with and as always call us directly to arrange pick up if you are in Albuquerque

505-639-6646. 🙂

Flavors Biscochitos
Flavors Biscochitos


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