Fundraising Opportunities

It’s easy to do Fundraising with Bev’s for your group, team or organization.

Let us help your non-profit group hit fundraising goals.  Bev’s Biscochitos will provide a delicious way fundraise.  

FUN size New Mexico Biscochitos
FUN size New Mexico Biscochitos

First, Bev’s will sell wholesale to your organization.  Then you can resell at the price you need for your fundraiser.   

Everybody loves helping non-profits, and by combining delicious biscochitos, you’ll end up with a great fundraiser. Don’t miss out on this Great New Mexico fundraising opportunity today!!!  We would be honored to help your non-profit.

Call us now  at (505) 485-5268.

We are family-owned and operated business local to New Mexico.   Your customers will be raving and looking forward to the next time you sell Bev’s Biscochitos. Biscochitos are tradition in New Mexico, and this is a way to add to the biscochitos history!

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  1. Hi Bev, I am so proud of your success. I don’t know if you remember me, Im from Cuba. Nayda Valdez my mom and dad were Eliseo Valdez, you may remember my brother Afred and Diane. I’m a member of the Catholic Daughter, and are in need of raising funds for our organization. you and call me at 505-321-2295 evenings or my email. Hope to hear from you, God Bless

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