Corporate Gifts

Bev’s Biscochitos is an awesome for Corporate Gifts, from specialized gift for  clients or  Thanking your Employees. Bev’s offers customized labels for your clients with the opportunity to thank them for their business!!! We also provide individualized 2.4oz  to  8oz size packages to give to your clients or employees as a thank you for all their hard work. Imagine the surprise your customer will have when they receive a customized package of Biscochitos with their name and logo on the package.

Thank those loyal customers and business associates with something different uniquely from New Mexico.

Reward employees for good performance or  a appreciation  and gratitude from all their efforts. As with any company Employee gifts are often a challenge due to appropriateness, affordability and cost. A package of  New Mexico Biscochitos as employee appreciation gifts, with you specialized  note or is always appropriate and fit into almost every budget;  the perfect solution for companies. Show your gratitude for customers, volunteers, employees and donors that shows how much you value each and every one of them.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to connect with your clients!!  Corporate gift baskets , customized labelled with a custom message to differentiate Thank You 2.4 to 8oz packages.  Try some of these choices as a starting point, or contact us for help in tailoring your order to your specific needs. Business gifts to large numbers of both big and small corporate customers who choose to recognize their customers, clients, suppliers, and employees.

Promotions, milestones, birthdays, company anniversaries…you name it, and Bev’s Biscochitos  gifts can help you make it scrumptiously special.


Buy Bev’s to give out for any occasion including Christmas, New Years, and any other holiday you can imagine!!!

Is there a minimum purchase required?

No. We’ll be happy to help you whether you are sending one gift or 1,000.

Can I get a discount for a large order?

Yes, we offer volume discounts. Please give us a call at  email us at for more details.



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