Bev’s Biscochitos in Albuquerque New Mexico : The State Cookie of NM

Biscochitos- New Mexico State cookie

Bev’s Biscochitos located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Biscochitos, are a traditional of Nuevo Mexico (New Mexico). This cookie is very flaky , sweet, and cinnamony tasty treat with Anise.

Historically, Biscochitos come from Spain. Way back before 1786 before the United States. In short, it was way back when New Mexico was a territory. Around 1600s, for example, Santa Fe, New Mexico founded in 1610 way back when the spanish conquistadors where looking for gold. US history explains we had many wars during that time and then 1786 was a special time for Northern America. However, in the middle of all that time, we have a great tradition. A Tradition created in a loving way of a sweet treat.

What is so cool, that Bev’s Biscochitos in Albuquerque is able to keep this tradition going. Bev’s Biscochitos focus specifically on that tradition. Tia Bev’s biscochito recipe is a family secret. It comes down from tias, tios, moms and of course grandma Eugenia. Albuquerque is a very old and new modern city. Biscochitos made for the modern world. Bev’s Biscochitos shipped throughout the World, we have shipped to soldiers in IRAQ. US Soldier is Japan. Everywhere in the United States, for weddings .


NM Anise Biscochitos
NM Anise Biscochitos

Or Gift Baskets are great way to send someone that grew up in the southwest or lived here. It also is a great way to share culture. Each year, we send teacher a taste of biscochitos that have lessons about New Mexico. What a great way to help students learn about the different cultures and places.

We also can do wholesale for businesses, such as Bed and Breakfasts or Hotels. Additionally, we have caters have order for their events. We love to partner with other local businesses.

Last, we also work with students. Check out how we can help students with their goals of raising money for their education purposes. It’s different, and unique way to help students. Schools and student benefit this way to help for their trips or events.